How to disable ligature in gedit text editor

Oct 2, 2023


What is it about?

Whenever i tried to code in Kali Linux with gedit tool it will change the font for me, such as from != to =/= , as shown in below:

If you don’t like this setting and would like to maintain the actual text without using their font setting, we can disable the ligature.

So how can we do this in gedit tool?

step 1: open gedit tool

step 2: click on the three dots > Preferences

step 3: navigate to “Font & Colors”, noted that with the font setting checked, the “not equals to” is showing as =/=

step 4: unchecked the font setting, noted that we have changed the “not equals to” from =/= back to !=

We have disabled the ligature and showed != successfully.




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