2 min readJul 23, 2023

How to visually hide a folder?

Before we start, can you find where is the hidden folder from this desktop wallpaper?

If you wish to perform something similar, follow the steps below.

Step 1: create a new folder in windows 10.

Step 2: Use empty space as file name.

We will use ALT codes for windows for the empty space, which is ALT+0160.


  1. Delete the existing name of the file
  2. Press and hold ALT key
  3. from right-side of keyboard, key in numeric 0160
  4. Then release the ALT key, you will notice a empty space is injected

Step 3: Download transparent icon in .ico

Download link here, choose “All download formats”, download .ico file.

Step 4: Replace the icon to the transparent one.

File > right click > properties > customize > change icon > browse

  • we will choose the transparent icon we download
  • now the folder looks transparent with a small dot on it

Step 5: Position it somewhere else to hide better.

Step 6: Let’s look at it from CMD.


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